So what do you think?

by Douggie

SSSEEN! is now at 69 posts and already been up for a bit more than 4 months. We have some statistics on how many visitors we have, but a hunch is that about 80% of the average 30 visitors are not human. As in spiders. But not the animal.

We would like to receive some feedback from you guys. Are the videos interesting enough? Have you already seen most of them? Does the page have a long loading time? Are there features on the website you want to see? Do you want to interact more and have a community around this or are you content with just the videos? Is it updated often enough? Do you want to see more text?

There’s a comment link below. Use it to tell us your wishes. :P (Or use Twitter)

And yeah, SSSEEN! will get a slight layout makeover one of these days. ;)

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