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A short animated movie made by Luis Briceno and David Alapont.

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“Onward” + Nike = Good stuff

Here’s a great animation done for Nike by James Jarvis. Simple, engaging and a great story-telling example.

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SoKo – I´ll kill her

Not the best lyrics in this song, but this fan made video is making up for the lyrics! Made by Joerg Narton as a final project for his university. In case you don’t ever read the comments, here’s what he said about making the video:

“i used Cinema 4d for 3d modeling and 3d Animation, Xfrog (as Cinema 4d plugin) for modeling and animating the plants and ornamental shapes and After Effects for 2d Animation and compositing.”

I’m not really sure how this sort of ink/grow/organic style is called, so if you have the official term for it, enlighten me!

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