by Snowcrash

“Pyrats” is an animated short film made by 5 french students from the animation school “Gobelins l’├ęcole de l’image” in Paris, FRANCE. It was made as an opening short done for the Annecy 2006 international animation festival.

The movie was completed in 7 months (including screenplay, storyboard and designs). The technique is basically 2D traditionnal animation with some scenes helped by 3D and flash.

Type : student short movie
Lenght : 1min35s
Production : Gobelins, Paris FRANCE (
Year of production: 2006
Directors : Yves Bigerel , Bruno Dequier, Ben Fiquet, Nicolas Gueroux, Julien Le Rolland
Music : Yves Bigerel performed by Bruno Dequier
Sound design : Gerard Labady
Format : DV PAL
Techniques : traditionnal 2D and 3D
Softwares : Alias MAYA 6.5, Photoshop CS, After effects 6.5, Crater Software CTP, Flash, Logic Audio

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