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Mathieu Labaye’s short-movie, Camera etc (Belgium, Liège):
Great tribute to his father Benoît Labaye, suffered from a multiple sclerosis at 29 years old. Benoît Labaye had been confined to a wheelchair since age 40 and died at 55 years old the 04.22.2006, as a result of a pneumonia.

The first 4 minutes could seem a little long to watch but they are important to understand the mind of the director. The second part is amazing and contains a very strong message which is “sublimated” thanks to the first part.

Audio track : French with english subtitles

DIRECTION: Mathieu Labaye
MUSIC : Fabian Forini et Mathieu Labaye
PRODUCTOR : Jean-Luc Slock
PRODUCTION : Camera-etc

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