Michaël Dudok De Wit

by Douggie

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“Father and Daughter” has won the Academy Award for Animated Short Film in 2000. I saw this a few years ago and thought it was French because of the French feel to it, but weirdly enough it’s Dutch! Made by Michaël Dudok De Wit.

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“The Aroma of Tea” (2006) is a more abstract piece which interest my not only of that, but also because of the fact that it has been drawn entirely with tea. For those who don’t understand the video, the YouTube user cosmolossus explains it as following:

it’s a video representing a molecule of the scent of tea leaving the tea, traveling into the air, passing noses, being inhaled and exhaled, passing by other smells (such as a cluster of molecules next to food, perhaps a loaf of bread) and finally reaching one last nose.

interesting and simplistic approach, and enjoyable music, but nothing i’d call a transcendent marvel…

And then the title suddenly makes sense!

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And I might put the other 2 videos (which are more humorous) he also directed: “The monk and the fish” (1994).

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And “Tom Sweep” from 1992, which only uses one camera angle.

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