Jonas & François

by Douggie

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The previous post of Pas reminded me that Justice also released this really cool video with motion graphics on t-shirts for the song D.A.N.C.E.. This video made by the French duo Jonas & François has been nomitated for “Video of the Year” by MTV in 2007, so you probably have seen it before. They’ve done a similar video with LP covers which is the one above, which is a teaser for the ED Banger Vol. 2.

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The duo has done many music videos like Madonna’s 4 Minutes, but it seems like the ones using animations are the best ones. The one above is the music video for Kavinsky‘s Testarossa Autodrive.

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As with their other videos, here’s another one that’s recognizable for its animation, rotoscoping and typography: Flair’s Better than Prince. If anybody knows the official page for Jonas & François please post the link – it’s seems like my Googling skills are a bit off today.

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