Cracktros FTW!

by Douggie

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Now we for something different: cracktros! These are intros made by release groups, dating back to C64 games (maybe earlier?). It’s mostly programmed (correct me if I’m wrong) graphics and these coupled with chip tune music or old school MOD-type music these bring back the good old times! They sure are charming! The video above is made by Dream Design/SAC, not really sure for what game though.

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This is the Razor 1911 Cracktro #11 by Hetero/SAC made in 1997 for the “release” of Quake 2. Apparently Superior Art Creations (SAC) have their own site where you can check more of their cracktros ans Flickr pages where you can check their ASCII-art. Just check out their page for a full list – good stuff!

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